Local Spotlight: Brian Giniewski


my friend jen is currently getting her phd at penn. i know, impressive right? and while i'm proud of her for obvious reasons, i also love having an excuse to take little weekend trips to philly. we visited a few weeks ago and my friend sarah had asked if we could stop by an artist's ceramic studio before driving home. since i'm always down to support local makers, i jumped at the chance. i mean really, how often do you get to see a full ceramic studio in person? 


i got really excited for our visit after looking up his instagram - his pieces are fun, colorful, and so unique! we arrived at the studio and he was actually waiting for us and walked us up. he was so nice and welcoming, and we could tell that he was just really appreciative of us wanting to visit the space. 

he showed us around the studio, told us the story behind the ceramics, and introduced us to his wife (who happened to be glazing pieces). brian was teaching when he decided to go all-out with his passion.  


i left with two pieces and will probably purchase more at some point. there were so many pieces and they were all so beautiful that it made it that much harder to choose. 

you can shop his pieces here, and you might just find it at a local shop near you. and thank you brian + krista for making us feel so welcome in your gorgeous studio! 

Back to basics.


i feel like this post was coming for a long time, and i know exactly why. for those of you who are new here, let's recap what 2017 has been for me:

  • quit my job as a teller of over 2 years for what i thought would be a dream job
  • dream job turns to be a nightmare 
  • quit after 6 weeks and 3 days later, land my current job
  • sent to france/monaco/portugal on a dream work trip
  • promoted to creative director

it's been a rollercoaster, in both the best and worst way. and while i thought i was ready to close the door on this little corner of the internet that i've carved out for myself, i couldn't. at least not fully. my mind was elsewhere for the most part of this summer, but the feeling that i was making a mistake by giving up on my blog was always in the back of it. 

i feel like the digital space, especially instagram + blogging, has become so saturated with perfectly put-together content that i didn't know where i would fit in. i missed being able to just wander around a city, eat + make cool food, ramble, take photos, and share it all.

and then i realized: why the hell can't i still do that? 

so i'm taking it back to basics, and couldn't be more excited. i'm a perfectionist to a fault, and that's made it hard for me to share what i feel, as opposed to what i think needs to be shared. i'm working on it.