rivertown lodge


about two weekends ago, tom and i headed upstate for a small trip. going into 2018, i knew i wanted to take more weekend trips and hudson seemed like the perfect place. it was close enough that we could drive there (a little under 2 hours), but far enough where we really felt like we were away

when i was planning this trip, i knew i wanted to stay at the rivertown lodge. i had seen enough photos on social media, read enough stellar reviews, and perused enough design articles to know that this was where we were going to stay. based on photos alone it seemed like a thoughtfully-designed space, and it was. even the keys to our room were beautiful. 


we choose their smallest room, because the bed nook looked super charming + cozy. even though it was their smallest room size, there was more than enough room for us to wander around. the sheets are by frette, which i appreciate because they're like the gold standard for hotel sheets. i only know this because i was a social media director for a linen company and frette was always on their radar. i also was a little obsessed with the books that they curated for the room - not pictured was the book on boston murderers that i was reading. you know, as one does. 

the room also came with a marshall speaker that you could connect to via bluetooth. the bathroom (which i stupidly forgot to take photos of) was also beautiful, complete with products made by a local shop specifically for rivertown. love. our room was also conveniently located down the hall from their pantry, which was stocked with a bunch of different snacks, meats, cheeses, crackers, salsa, wine, and beer. oh, and did i mention that the tv had netflix? after dinner and drinks, we spent that friday night eating all the things and watching jim jefferies. score.


one of the best parts about rivertown was that it turns into a breakfast/brunch spot on weekends. i dragged tom out of bed early saturday morning because i had a feeling that it was going to get really crowded. (i was right, by the way). i loved the linen napkins, and i especially loved that dutch baby pancake. they also serve freshly-squeezed orange juice which tasted like the nectar of life after an evening that involved a little too much alcohol. honestly not sure what tom had because he inhaled his food in maybe 3 minutes? 

if i were to give this darling little spot a rating, it'd probably be a 15/10. the staff was fucking lovely and so accommodating. i have every intention of coming back as hudson seems like a place i want to experience throughout the seasons, and i know i'm booking a room at rivertown.