weekend in hudson


tom and i recently packed our bags (well i had multiple bags, he had a backpack) and took a drive upstate. we had talked about how we want to travel more this year, and i've come to appreciate small weekend getaways. hudson is far enough (about 2ish hours from new york city) to feel like you're truly escaping but also is an easy commute either by train or car. 



we stayed at the rivertown lodge. we absolutely loved our stay there, and you can see more photos of the hotel + read more about our experience in my last post. i know there are a few places you can stay at in hudson, but i would 15/10 recommend rivertown. 



i knew that our main goal in hudson was to explore. we unfortunately didn't get to hike because i didn't realize the one spot i wanted to hike at was about an hour drive from hudson - aka, i didn't plan accordingly for it. next time!

anyways, the reason i found hudson so charming is that it really is a community of locally owned businesses. antique shops, specialty food stores, and cute cafes/restaurants line warren street and it was almost a little overwhelming because i wanted to walk through each and every door. we stopped by flowerkraut, a floral design shop that also sells different kinds of sauerkraut. we walked a little further and popped into john doe records and books, where i found an original vinyl of john lennon + yoko ono's first album that they recorded together. (regrettably, i didn't buy it.) one thing i also appreciated about hudson was that there were black lives matter signs, LGBTQ FLAGS, AND REMNANTS OF SIGNS FROM THEIR WOMEN'S MARCH EVERYWHERE. FUCKING LOVE.one of my favorite shops that we stopped by was minna, a home goods + textiles shop that works with makers from mexico, guatemala, and uruguay. 

we didn't go into the antique shops, because i knew that i would just want everything and i 1) didn't have any sort of $ to pay for furniture 2) where the hell was i going to put furniture? lol eventually we'll go back because i saw so many pieces that aligned with my taste. 



finally, the part of the recap that i was most excited to share: the food!

there are so many things about hudson, but i'd be lying if i didn't say the food wasn't the best part. after driving for about 2 hours, we stopped by talbott & arding cheese and provisions where tom got shepherds pie + i opted for the chicken pot pie to go. we also picked up a loaf of something sweet but i don't remember what it was - i just remember it being really delicious. we then grabbed dinner at backbar where we drank a little too much and enjoyed malaysian bites. those pork and shrimp wontons pictured above? incredible. tom also loved the burger he had. and we loved it so much that we ended up going again the next night after dinner. we had breakfast at the hotel we were staying at, and i really indulged in that dutch baby. we had dinner at wm farmer & sons and enjoyed every bite of our meal. i'd book a table well in advance if you want to visit! we stopped and had coffee at moto coffee/machine, which was a coffee shop that also had a full service motorcycle repair shop attached to it and ducati's scattered throughout. we also had breakfast the morning on the day we left at grazin' - incredible, especially when you're nursing a hangover. the last meal we had (and one of my favorites although i loved them all) was at lil deb's oasis. i read somewhere that lil deb's was basically an art installation with knockout food, and they were not wrong. everything about lil deb's, from the funky decor to the clear support of the lgbtq community to the amazing food, was incredible. that chicken tamale was also, by far, the best tamale i've ever had in my life. same goes for those arepas. i'm salivating just thinking about them.

i enjoyed every aspect of hudson, and already told tom that we're visiting throughout the seasons. if any of you have ever been to hudson, i'd love hear about it!