fighting + flowing


hi friends. i know i haven't been updating much, but i also left any guilt from not posting regularly in 2017. 

life has been...good lately. and by good, i mean really fucking awesome. work hasn't changed much, and i love what i do enough to not let it become mundane. my sleep schedule hasn't improved much, but i'm working on it. but the biggest change in my life in the recent weeks is me discovering box + flow


i discovered this GENIUS concept of a studio through my membership at the wing. i'd always thought i'd like boxing, simply because you get to hit things and it seemed like an excellent stress reliever - something i've always needed. 

i took my first class with the owner, olivia, and it changed everything. granted i was not prepared in any way for the class and got lightheaded for a few minutes, but i'd never experienced anything like the workout/yoga high i got from this place. a class that combines shadowboxing, hitting the bag, and yoga? i feel like i struck gold. 

but what i love most about this place are the people. no one's judging. no one is too big or too small. there are no mirrors, and you get called out if you look at anyone else during class. i love that. olivia made sure to create a space where judging people won't be fucking tolerated, where encouragement is key. when you're on the bag, they'll call you out but not in an embarrassing way. 

that one class inspired me to just completely change how i approach everything - from everyday tasks to my food choices. it's an amazing feeling, finally finding some balance. i'll keep you guys updated, but i feel like life is only going up from here.