life is hilarious


i feel like i've been putting off writing this post for a while. partially because i've been so busy trying to adjust to my new reality, and partially because i've been enjoying the adjustment. 

my company folded the day after valentine's day. 


to be completely honest, we all knew something was up. working at a startup means you're very in-tune with how the company is doing financially and weren't a huge company to begin with. and i don't think people are truly ready to lose their jobs, but we weren't surprised when he told us. it happened all in one day - we came in, worked for about 2 hours, were all let go + told that we had to pack up the office in about 4 hours. i didn't really process it until the following week because i had a trip to hudson that weekend that i wanted to enjoy as much as possible. 

immediately after the meeting, i had a brief 10 second moment of panic after we heard the news, and then i just started laughing. i had gained enough experience and was confident in my skills that i told myself it would all work itself out. i'm currently freelancing and while it's been an adjustment trying to find my daily bearings, i'm so fucking happy. it's hard work doing it all, but also incredibly satisfying. because i fucking know i can.

this was always the path i wanted to carve out for myself, but i thought i had a few more years before taking the plunge into full freelance life. this has forced me out of my comfort zone in so many ways, and i've had to make some difficult decisions within the last month or so. but the thing about being self-employed is that all bets are off and you can't depend on anyone else to tell you what to do. all a part of the game. 


life is funny. i went into this year with all these plans and expectations, all of which were dependent on me having a salaried job. then life threw me for a loop and i went from being a cd to unemployed to a freelance marketing consultant in a matter of 2 weeks. i told myself at the end of last year that i had no intention of slowing down this year, and that hasn't changed in the slightest. i have to work 300% harder, but i'm feeling + putting out nothing but good vibes. 

i'm determined to make this last for as long as i can, and plan to enjoy every second of the ride. i've also had an incredible support system in my friends, family, and tom - something i don't take lightly and keeps me driven every day.

oh, and these photos were taken from a little day trip sarah + i took to the brooklyn botanical gardens. we plan on going back when everything is in bloom, but it was my first time going and i just found everything so beautiful. 

i have so many upcoming trips + things planned for this year, so stay tuned! and again, thank you for following along.