big news!


the samm + tom show is coming to greenpoint, brooklyn!

we've been talking about moving in together for such a long time, and honestly i wasn't sure if it would ever happen. we always had a million reasons for putting it off, with money being the primary. i think we both have this really horrid nightmare of moving out too soon, which is why we waited until the finances were right. and honestly, it was also time. we've been dating for five years and we both felt like the moment was right.


it might seem slightly dated, but what sold us on the unit was the amount of space we'll have. the pictures really don't do it justice, but at $2,000 for 2br, a huge eat-in kitchen, and high ceilings, it almost feels like a steal. plus greenpoint is an amazing neighborhood in brooklyn next to williamsburg with a great sense of community.

these photos were taken by someone that works for the real estate company - it's currently completely empty. we're not keeping any of the furniture, and are decorating/filling the apartment completely from nothing. actually that's a lie - my parents have this amazing off-white couch that you just sink into that also fits in with the mid-century modern theme that we're both going for. it'll be great to build the room around it and honestly this just feels like my olympics. i finally get to fully decorate a space. i've been waiting my whole life for this moment, haha. 


snapped these fun lil photos once we got the keys. we move in on the first of june and i'm trying not to go crazy with looking at furniture, but i'm just so fucking excited. just when i thought 2017 was the best year i've had to date. 

new beginnings are fun, aren't they?