sunday assembly / 01

hi friends.

i went absolutely radio silent again, but i have a good reason. as you saw in my last post, tom + i finally moved in together. we're living in greenpoint, which is a lovely neighborhood in brooklyn. it's right next to williamsburg, just not as chaotic. 

i also sprained my ankle right as we were about to move, so dealing with that was loads of fun. i'm still freelancing full time, but also just took a position working on development with common sense media. life is crazy. 


the apartment is shaping up slowly, but nicely. i've scored pieces that i never thought i'd own in a million years (cc: those blu dot real good chairs pictured above) but i've consistently hit the lottery with craigslist. i'll do a roundup of all the pieces i've scored from craigslist at some point when the apartment makes a little more progress. 

chat soon!