Days in DC


hi everyone! i know it's been a while, and i honestly debated on whether i'd be coming back to blogging or not. life got busy in the most intense way with my move to brooklyn + adjusting to freelancing, as well as taking a position with common sense media. but as i was sorting through photos, i came across these photos that i took on a trip to dc a few months ago and i realized i'm still not ready to close the book on 'bursts of samm'.


the reason sarah and i went to dc was to see the cherry blossoms. it was a bit of a zoo and it was super hot, but they were beautiful and it's something that i had been wanting to do for a while. i guess you could say it was a bucket list item? 


we stayed at this airbnb and it was honestly the most wonderful experience. kim and her family were the most gracious hosts, and made us that beautiful spread you see earlier in this post. we were honestly floored when we went downstairs. if you're in dc, i absolutely recommend staying with kim!

we saw the blossoms, went to a brewery, bar hopped a little and just had such a good time. we're constantly rotating around the nyc area, so a change of scenery was so welcome. we also managed to have brunch at le diplomat - a place that's usually booked and if you don't have a reservation, you'll probably be met with a wait. totally worth it!

i'm still here, and it feel so good. chat soon!