lisbon is one of my favorite cities that i’ve only been to during long layovers.

i went two years ago on my way back from a work trip in france. i didn’t sleep because i had no idea when i’d be back in lisbon, and wanted to see as much as possible. who knew i’d be back so soon


i won’t lie, when we got to the miradouro das portas do sol, i got slightly emotional. i didn’t know when i’d get to see that viewpoint again, and the last time i went it was slightly gloomy outside. when we went, it was a beautiful day and the colors were so vivid and i just felt overcome with all the happy feelings.



i knew we were going to visit Pastéis de Belém as soon as i realized that we had a few hours to kill in lisbon. they’re known for these small egg custards called pastel de nata. incredible. but before that, we were hungry for actual lunch food and trekked to get bifanas, aka pork stew sandwiches. they were salty and delicious and perfect when paired with a cold ass beer.

it was a great little trip, and i told myself i’d make it a point to actually see lisbon beyond long layovers.