this is going to a short one, as we only stayed in madrid for one night and spent most of our time in bars.

flying out of madrid was definitely not the plan until last minute, because we were dumb and only initially booked our trip to spain and waited to book a flight back. highly not recommended, haha. but we did have fun for the small amount of time we were in madrid, as there was a city-wide tapas crawl going on.



i loved ana’s apartment so much. it was clean, stylish, and available last minute. the only thing i wasn’t too crazy about is lugging our stuff up 5 flights of stairs. we were tired, haha. but she was sweet and had water for us in the room and the view out of the window was lovely. it was also located right in the middle of madrid, so walking everywhere was a breeze. and she was the one who told us about the tapas crawl.


i would say that madrid was beautiful, but i definitely would like to go back. it was a nice city to round off our trip, though.

what can i say about spain? it was special because it was our first trip abroad together, and it exceeded all of our expectations. i would definitely love to go back, but would want to spend time in the northern parts. have any of you ever been? be sure to let me know in the comments below!