this time last year


this time last year, i was signing off my job as a bank teller for the last time. i accepted a position as a community manager at a manhattan-based pr agency, and thought that my career was finally starting. i should've heeded those glassdoor reviews because six weeks later, i left that position. and then 4 days after that, i landed a better (and higher-paying) position at my current company. i went to lisbon, france, and monaco for a 5 day trip. it was my first time traveling to europe and traveling alone. i was promoted to creative director before i turned 25 this past september. and i'm going into 2018 with more career ambition than ever. 

this time last year, i was drowning in credit card debt. mind you, i didn't owe hundreds of thousands. hell, i didn't even owe tens of thousands. but what i did owe seemed impossible to pay off on a teller's salary and i'd be lying if i said i was nervous about whether i'd ever be able to pay it off. and i'm going into 2018 with zero credit card debt.

and finally,

this time last year i was debating on shutting down 'bursts of samm' for good. i was so focused on building my career that blogging was often neglected and to be honest, i wasn't doing it for the right reasons. recently, i was staying late at the office every night and started to feel worn out when i got home. and in those moments of exhaustion and silence, the idea of blogging slowly made it back to my mind and here we are. 

this year has brought me so much frustration, happiness, fear, anger, and excitement. but most importantly, 2017 brought me knowledge. i know so much more about so many things. work taught me important lessons about dealing with people, time management, and being assertive. last year i wrote a post swooning over the interiors at the wing and now i'm a member. i've met so many interesting and amazing people. each adventure has reinforced the idea that i want to live and experience as much as i can while i can. 

this time last year, i had no idea what the future had in store. this time around, i'm excited.