studio tour: brian giniewski


one of my best friends is currently working towards her phd at upenn (fancy). me + my other best friend sarah will spend a weekend in philly every now and then. it's nice getting out of the tri-state area, and philly is just such a great city. 

on one of our recent weekend trips, sarah told me she had dm'd this local ceramic artist about possibly visiting his studio. after browsing his instagram, i quickly fell in love with his work. brian's 'happy ceramics' so beautiful that i had to physically stop myself from buying everything. he told us the story behind the brand and how he used to teach art at the university level + decided to go all in with his passion (love that). him + his wife krista began a (now successful) kickstarter to raise funds for a new studio space/equipment. 


such a beautiful studio! so much natural light + space


i ended up leaving with a mug + a bowl, both unique in their color scheme. brian and krista were so welcoming and hearing them talk about their business was nothing short of inspiring. 

i'll also probably buy more pieces because a) they're beautiful and b) i have no self control. check out his website + all his available pieces here