nola vibes in tribeca


i'll always be that person taking a photo of their food #sorrynotsorry. recently i had the day off + tom was just leaving his firehouse, so we decided to have lunch at a new spot called 1803. their menu, drinks, and decor are all inspired by nola's french quarter, so i was obviously intrigued when i first heard about it. 

i took a small trip to nola about two years ago and it changed my life. it was one of those moments where i went into it feeling so defeated (creative-wise) and left feeling more inspired than ever. the crescent city will do that to you. 


tom and i got there right as they opened, leaving plenty of time for me to wander + practice with my dslr. the high ceilings, vibrant wallpaper, surplus of plants, and checkered floor? it's almost like this place was designed specifically so that people would take photos. oh, and can we talk about those beads hanging around the bar area? love.

in terms of food, we shared the orange-chipotle spiced wings and the crackling slab bacon with spiced ricotta, beets, and microgreens. we were starving so those two appetizers lasted for all of 3 minutes. for entrees, tom got the louisiana style pulled pork sandwich and i got the jambalaya. both dishes had generous portions + were so good. we skipped dessert because #foodcoma but definitely plan on going back for drinks and more food. obviously. 

i'm always on the hunt for new places to experience here in this city + beyond. if you guys have any suggestions, feel free to let me know in the comments below!

keeping it simple af for 2018


as cliché as it sounds, there's just something about ringing in the new year that has me ready to hit the ground running. 2017 ended on a good note personally, and i'm determined to keep up those ~good vibes~ in 2018.

like many, i'm always caught between working to establish routines and wanting exciting adventures. i've decided that this year, i want both. 


again with the cliché resolutions, but i traveled a healthy amount last year + would like to continue that this year. i used to see vacations as these big trips that require a plane ticket. but as i'm getting older, i find that day trips, weekend trips + staycations are just as exciting. i have a few domestic trips planned, as well as 1-2 international trips possibly happening this year. i also just want to continue to explore new york as much as i can because it's one of those cities where there's always something new to discover. 


ugh, i could go on about everything i should change about my routines, but i'm trying to keep it simple + focus on changes i can make that'll have lasting benefits. first, i need to establish a better sleep routine. (i can hear tom yelling "sleep study!" behind me) with a better sleep routine comes more time for me in the mornings. i'm definitely a morning person, and want to have more "me time" before heading into the office each day.

towards the end of last year, i unfortunately realized that i've developed a mild lactose intolerance. i'm still in the process of testing out what i can/can't have, but dairy isn't necessarily good for you anyways so i'm not too heartbroken. building on me cutting out 90% of dairy, i know that i need to chill with the damn carbs. i also just need to get back to cooking all my meals and be smarter about my snacking habits. 

in terms of fitness, the gym is great but i do better in high-intensity group classes. there's something about working out with a bunch of people that motivates me to push myself even harder, so i'll keep you guys posted on the classes i try, etc. i'm particularly looking into kickboxing (because stress) + might even try y7. i also want to stop using car services like uber + lyft less and make it a point to walk more. 


i feel like i missed out on a lot while i was a teller because of the weird weekday + weekend hours. now that i have a "normal job", i want to take as much advantage of my weeknights + weekends by spending as much time with my friends/family as i can. whether it be cooking dinners together, watching movies at the local theatre, or meeting up at the local coffee shop to get some work done, time with loved ones does so much for my mental health. 



one of the many titles of my non-existent biography would probably be "how being too nice fucks up your life". a little dramatic, but if you know me in person then you know that i've had trouble saying no in the past. but 2017 gave me opportunities to be assertive, and i took them all. i'm still slowly building my confidence, and with that comes having to work on saying "no" to people, projects, etc. i have a newly-found dedication to life/work balance, and don't want to spread myself thin anymore than i already have. 


part of it comes from not having a proper bag, but i let my dslr camera collect dust for way too long. i learned how to ~properly use it last year and the difference in my photos is night + day. i'll write a separate post about my experience in photography/editing, but i want to stop relying on my iphone so much + make it a point to shoot more. practice will only make you better, right?


this entire posts comes down to me just aiming to be better in all aspects of my life. i know it'll require work, but i'm finally in a place where i can really start focusing on these things that i've put on the back burner. 

what are some of your goals + resolutions for this year? if you have any tips for me, feel free to send them my way! 

the photos in this post were taken during a lunch/catch-up date with my friend emma, who went back to france that same night. we went to old rose, which is located in the jane hotel where cafe gitane used to be. the food was great, and the interiors (as you can see) are very instagrammable.